Adroit Medical Equipment can assist you with setting up your new equipment and assistive device purchase. If you have purchased a high end rollator, hospital bed, scooter, lift-chair, power wheelchair, patient lift or other medical equipment or assistive device and need a knowledgeable medical equipment professional to come to your home or residence to unpack, assemble and instruct you on the proper use we can help.


MANUAL EQUIPMENT- $37.50-$75.00

Manual Equipment is any equipment that has no electrical components. Examples of the most common types of manual equipment and devices we set-up are wheelchairs, rollators and walkers.

HIGH-TECH EQUIPMENT- $75.00-$143.75

High-Tech is any equipment that has electrical components. Examples of the most common types of High-Tech Equipment and devices we set-up are power operated vehicles like power scooters, power wheelchairs, hospital beds (full electric and semi-electric) and Electric patient lifts.

Our staff will come to your home unpack and inspect your equipment or device, assemble and set-up your equipment, provide instruction on how to use the equipment or device properly.

Adroit Medical Equipment also hasĀ MOVING ASSISTANCEto help relocate existing medical equipment or devices; we can assist with moving your equipment to a new home or residence.

Please call for pricing. (210) 682-7000

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