Moving Assistance

Moving Assistance

Adroit Medical Equipment can assist you with safely and correctly moving medical equipment and assistive devices. If you have a move planned and have medical equipment or devices you want moved and set-up correctly we are available to help.

A member of our knowledgeable medical equipment team will to come to your home or residence to correctly disassemble, pack and move your medical equipment or device safely to your new home or residence.   


MANUAL EQUIPMENT-      $37.50-$115.00*

Manual Equipment is any equipment that has no electrical components.  Examples of the most common types of manual equipment and devices we move are wheelchairs, rollators, walkers, patient lifts and manual hospital beds.

HIGH-TECH EQUIPMENT- $75.00-$267.50*

High-Tech is any equipment that has electrical components.  Examples of the most common types of High-Tech Equipment and devices we move are power operated vehicles like power scooters, power wheelchairs, hospital beds (full electric and semi-electric) and electric patient lifts.

Adroit Medical Equipment is also available to help SET UP NEW MEDICAL EQUIPMENT OR DEVICES; we can assist with setting up new medical equipment or devices in home or residence.  

Please call for pricing.  (210) 682-7000              Please contact us today.  

*Additional charges may apply and pricing may change for moving equipment from or to any multi-level home or residence.